Sunday, February 10, 2008

Knit/Crochet festival!

So today, I was a proud attendee of the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. Frankly, it was awesome and a very good day.

First I learned how to dye yarn. It's drying right now in my bathroom, heeh. There's enough there to knit into a thin scarf, so I'm anxious to do that and see how the color knits up. And it's completely feasible for me to do it at home. Though I'd be a bit worried about the odor of the dye in my small apartment. Plus, when you nuke the fiber in the microwave... it smells pretty funky. Hahah.

Then we had an awesome lunch (I had a chicken and brie wrap... it was amazing). And walked around the booths. There was SO much too look at... so much yarn. I was tempted. It's all so expensive, though, so I didn't buy any. I did buy a notepad to stick on the fridge for a grocery list or something that says "I'd rather be knitting"! Which is pretty much how I feel for half the day. Now I just need a notepad that says "I'd rather be sleeping," cause that's how I feel for the OTHER half of the day...

Then I had a class on how to knit a small pouch with drawstring..... and, so, here's for the amusement comes in. So, for knitting... there's really only two stitches: a knit, and a purl. And apparently, for the past half-year or so, I have been doing them BOTH wrong?????? :/ But the thing is that everything looked how it was supposed to on all my knitting projects so far. So I think what must've happened is that since I was doing both stitches wrong (still, ????) they must've negated each other out and it still turned out correct. Hahahaha. So. *cough* I learned the proper way to knit and purl.




And then perhaps the best part of the day - I won a raffle and I got 5 skeins of soft cream colored yarn!!!! :D Yay! It's 75% synthetic, 25% wool.... too bad it's mostly synthetic, cause otherwise I could've tried my new dyeing skills on it. Oh well. It's still awesome. Yay. Good day. :)

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